veranda“Janmarie is an excellent real estate agent and people-person. When we started working together, she ensured that she fully understood our needs before showing us any objects. She consistently showed us apartments that were the size, quality, location and price range that we were interested in and with reasonable landlords, and refused to simply swamp us with whatever was available. In addition, Janmarie is great fun and a source of invaluable information for newcomers to Beirut – a real gem. We shall recommend her to anyone and everyone that is looking for a truly professional service when it comes to real estate/re-location!”

— Pontus Molin (ESCWA, Director of Administration)

Janmarie has a deep knowledge of the Beirut apartment market and what clients need. She was extremely professional and most important, did not waste anytime with apartments that do not suit clients. Janmarie was very pleasant and a smooth operator with both landlords and clients.

Michael Georgy (Reuters)

“Janmarie Haggar found me an ideal apartment within 48 hours of my contacting her. Hard to ask for more than that.”

Charles Glass, writer

“Janmarie Haggar has a remarkable ability to grasp immediately what the client is looking for in their difficult search for a place to live in a new country. Unlike many real estate agents, she does not waste the client’s time by showing places that do not match their expectation.

She was not only extremely professional and competent in her work, she also took personal interest in showing me the ropes when I first moved to Beirut. She helped me find a plumber and carpenter, someone to drape my apartment, and even recommended the best hair salons, a good doctor and good restaurants.

I strongly recommend Janmarie Haggar to anyone who plans to move to Lebanon. You get a first-class service with a big smile, a warm heart and amazing dedication.”

— Scheherezade Faramarzi (Associated Press)

“Moving to Lebanon was a very challenging decision. Having no one to help on the other side was quite frightening. Yet, lucky enough, I met Janmarie and that was the highlight of my first week in Beirut. She was patient, very friendly, and extremely helpful. She knows Beirut like the back of her hand, and she knew exactly what I wanted. Not only is Janmarie an excellent real estate agent, she is also a great reference and a delightful character.” – Mia K.

“…My husband has been offered a job in Beirut and we are  moving there.  I started googling about housing in Beirut and the only understandable site with beautiful houses that  felt like ‘homes’ was yours…”

– Alexandra

“I fell in love with Lebanon five years ago and in spite of the fact that I speak no Arabic the wish of retiring in Beirut was overwhelming. That day has come!

WelcomeBeirut.com is the best [Lebanese] real estate site on the net.  It gave me a global look of what is on the market in the Beirut area. For someone who lives outside of the region, being able to see inside the apartments with the prices is indispensible.

Janmarie’s organized approach is the state of the art!  She knew my time was limited and by the end of day two, I found what was perfect for my needs. But moreover, her humanity goes beyond a signed contract, she assisted me in all first steps of living in Beirut. Through this , I was able to move in, understanding and accomplishing all the first steps.

I would highly recommend JHM Estates  whether you are looking for a home or future real estate investments.”

— Hope Ammann

“Janmmarie is one of the most resourceful and dedicated businesswomen shaping today’s real estate market in Beirut. Her warm personality and unmatched diligence have earned her the respect of colleagues and clients alike. Her list of contacts is unquestionably one of the best in the industry, enabling her to be among the first to learn of new and exciting purchase and/or rental opportunities in Beirut’s most sought after buildings.”

— Alex Ammar, Managing Editor, Carnegie Hall, New York City

“I took a leap of faith and rented an apartment in Beirut online without any real knowledge of the different parts of the city. I was relocating from New York City to Beirut with my 5 year old daughter.

I corresponded with Janmarie via email and she understood my concerns and my needs. She guided me, even telling me no to certain areas I was looking at, and I could not be more pleased.

I went directly to the apartment and signed the contract and it was that simple! More than a real estate agent, Janmarie has an incredible feel for Beirut. She took the time to explain the way thing work and what to expect, and very kindly gave pointers and locations, even a great school for my child.

If I had to do it again, I would only work with her.”

– Martine Dominique

“Janmarie was the first of several realtors I spoke with in Beirut.  With the others I spent days looking at houses and apartments they thought I should see, but which often had little to do with what I was looking for.  Janmarie took the time to find out what my needs were – with two kids and two dogs I wasn’t an easy customer – and to zero in on the properties that would suit me.  The house she showed me on my first day in the country is the one I ended up renting.  I can’t say whether Janmarie is actually magical or not, but I do know it was a pleasure to work with her.”

– Aaron Schachter (BBC/PRI/WGBH)

“Janmarie found me a sprawling marble Ottoman villa with what I estimate to be about 50-foot high ceilings, at an affordable price. Before and after, she steered me to good neighborhoods, good restaurants, good shopping and fine art performances.”

– Ellen Knickmeyer (The Washington Post)

“Janmarie was a perfect agent for us, she seemed to know exactly what I wanted, she did not waste our time with overpriced properites or wrong locations. Because of Janmarie we now have a perfect home in Beirut.”

– Kristi Elmani

Although I was a lowly freelance journalist with a small budget when I arrived to Beirut, Janmarie took me under her wing. She escorted me to various one and two bedroom apartments around town, helping me negotiate prices with landlords.  After a few days of searching, she found a great one bedroom apartment at a very affordable price in a neighborhood I wanted to live in — with a view of the sea AND the ountains.  It’s been my home for the last three years, thanks to Janmarie.

Ben Gilbert, Lebanon Correspondent, Global Post

Janmarie found my dream home in Deir al Qamar, one of the most picturesque villages in Lebanon. She also found my high ceiling sea-view apartment  in Clemenceau, which was an investment property for me. After renovation she also rented it out for a very reasonable price.  In addition, she found  me an apartment on the blueprint in the heart of Hamra.  Her greatest attribute in my opinion is her professionalism as a Westerner, always being on time and talking directly, and at the same time, her ability to communicate in Arabic with all of the doormen in the buildings.  She understands Lebanon and can help anyone find a home and acclimate quickly in this special and very beautiful country.

– Marti Farha Ammar (Farha Financial)


“Janmarie helped me to find an apartment in Beirut on multiple occasions when I visit Lebanon during research trips ranging from three to five months long. I was always very comfortable and at ease during my stays there – in no small part due to Janmarie’s efforts to find me pleasant and well-situated living arrangements. She works with an extensive network of landlords who rent out clean and modern apartments and, perhaps most importantly, deal fairly and responsibly with their tenants. If there is ever a problem, Janmarie is always available to sort things out. Even after her clients are placed in an apartment, she is very generous with her vast knowledge of all the destinations and events going on in Beirut and throughout Lebanon. Most importantly, she is a lovely person and a real pleasure to work with.”

– Melani Cammett (Brown University)

Many more references available on request!